URA Selling Margaret Drive Site

URA Selling Margaret Drive Site but it is not Meyer Blue after all

URA Selling Margaret Drive Site : It appears the Margaret Drive site has stirred quite a buzz in the property market. Located near Queenstown MRT Station and seamlessly integrated with its surroundings, it’s no wonder this spot is attracting attention.

Families are particularly interested due to the proximity to schools, which adds a layer of safety and convenience. With a span of 102,497 square feet and north-facing views on higher floors, the development potential is substantial.

The anticipated bid range of $1,150 to $1,250 psf ppr indicates a robust investment opportunity. But what does this mean for potential upgraders and investors?

Location and Site Details

The Margaret Drive site spans an impressive 102,497 square feet under a 99-year leasehold and is strategically situated near the Queenstown MRT Station, offering unparalleled connectivity.

I can’t help but notice how the location promises seamless architectural integration with its surroundings. The proximity to schools enhances safety for families while promoting a vibrant lifestyle.

The landscape design is set to complement the site’s natural features, ensuring a blend of green spaces and urban convenience. With excellent connectivity through the MRT, future residents can enjoy easy access to various parts of the city.

This thoughtful integration of architecture and landscape design underscores the site’s potential to offer a safe, connected, and vibrant living experience.

Market Insights

Queenstown’s property market has demonstrated robust demand and rising price trends, with recent million-dollar HDB resale transactions underscoring the area’s attractiveness.

Through pricing analysis, I’ve observed that the median price for 4-room and larger HDB flats is $908,000, highlighting significant investment opportunities.

Buyer demographics suggest a strong interest from upgraders, contributing to the market’s upward trajectory. Sterling Residences, for instance, saw a 23.8% increase in median resale prices, reflecting this robust demand.

Additionally, the rental potential in Queenstown remains high due to its excellent connectivity and proximity to reputable schools. This makes the area a safe bet for investors looking for stable returns and long-term growth.

Development Potential

Frequently, the development potential of the Margaret Drive site stands out due to its prime location and expected high demand from upgraders. North-facing views on upper floors promise unblocked vistas, enhancing the allure for future buyers.

Proximity to Queenstown MRT Station and reputable schools further increases its desirability. The anticipated bid range for the site is between $1,150 and $1,250 psf ppr, translating to an absolute price range of $494 million to $537 million. These figures underscore a robust investment opportunity.

Given the recent uptick in property values in the Queenstown area, the site’s strategic advantages make it particularly appealing for those seeking secure, high-return developments.

Property Market Trends

Recent trends in Queenstown’s property market reflect a robust appreciation in median resale prices, underscoring the site’s strategic advantages. Through market analysis, I’ve seen notable investment opportunities, especially with the 23.8% increase in Sterling Residences’ median resale prices. Demand trends show strong interest, with nearby HDB estates recording million-dollar transactions.

Meyer Blue Continues to be Attractive to Owners and Landlords

Having said the above, the prospective owners for Meyer Blue condo at Katong area are different from the potential owners for this site. People who has lived in this area continues to want to live in this area and that’s why Meyer Blue condo will do well at its launch ! In a frenzied market, this site at Meyer Road stands out, promising a robust return on investment.

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