TEL link to Changi Airport

TEL link to Changi Airport

We’re transforming East-West Line (EWL) stations to fit Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) configurations, enhancing connectivity and commuting experiences in Singapore. In other words, a TEL link to Changi Airport !

This initiative from the Land Transport Authority forms part of their 2040 Master Plan. Modifying the stations isn’t easy, as it demands a detailed study of TEL operations and seamless integration. The resulting connection from Changi Airport to the city center will reshape the commuting experience, without the need to switch trains. By offering a glimpse into upcoming developments, we’re confident this will positively impact long-term transit strategies. If you stick with us, there’s more to unravel about this transformation.

TEL link to Changi Airport : Modification Works at EWL Stations

In a crucial modification initiative, the East-West Line (EWL) stations at Tanah Merah, Expo, and Changi Airport are slated for transformation into Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) stations, a move directed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) as part of the 2040 Land Transport Master Plan.

We’re tasked with overcoming retrofitting challenges as we redesign these stations to meet TEL configurations. Our alignment assessment plays a critical role in ensuring the new layout corresponds seamlessly with the existing one.

This transformation isn’t just about physical alterations; it’s about reshaping the commuting experience and fostering a sense of community among travelers. We’re committed to turning these challenges into opportunities and making this vision a reality for all.

TEL link to Changi Airport : Technical Challenges and Integration

As we navigate the process of converting the EWL stations to TEL ones, we’re faced with a number of technical challenges that require a diligent approach to integration.

An alignment assessment is vital to guarantee the smooth shift from one system to another. This involves a detailed study of the different train configurations and signaling systems used.

Retrofitting requirements also pose a significant challenge. As the EWL and TEL systems differ, it’s necessary to retrofit the EWL stations to accommodate the TEL operations. This task isn’t without its complexities, but we’re focused on internal modifications for a seamless integration.

These challenges demand a careful and considered approach, but we’re confident that our efforts will yield positive results in the long run.

TEL link to Changi Airport Benefits

With the extension of the TEL, a wealth of benefits are set to unfold for passengers, transforming their commuting experiences in a substantial manner. A key advantage is the increased connectivity. The TEL extension will seamlessly connect EWL lines, integrating different regions of Singapore. This will particularly benefit airport travelers, removing the need to switch trains at Tanah Merah station. Imagine travelling from your home in Meyer Blue right straight to the Changi Airport.

To catch a flight. To receive your loved ones. Or even to enjoy the food and sight at the famous Jewel !

The TEL extension also delivers on passenger convenience. It provides a more direct MRT connection from Changi Airport to the city center, part of the 2040 Land Transport Master Plan. Additionally, the extension passes through the future Terminal 5 (T5), further enhancing convenience.

One exciting statistic is that this project will reduce travel time to the city from Changi Airport by 15 minutes.

It’s clear, the TEL extension considerably enhances commuting experiences by improving connectivity and convenience.

TEL link to Changi Airport
TEL link to Changi Airport


We’re thrilled about the TEL extension, a game-changing move that will enhance connectivity for millions. Despite technical hurdles, we’re devoted to ensuring smooth integration and improved travel experiences.

This isn’t just about convenience, it’s about opening up new connections and opportunities.

Stick with us, there’s much more to come in our 2040 Land Transport Master Plan.

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